Constructing 3D shapes

Last week we practised drawing 3D shapes on isometric paper and using the lines to help us….it was thicker than it looked but using a ruler and counting the dots really helped!

Stone Age Day

Last week the whole school enjoyed our History wider curriculum day learning all about the Stone Age! Everyone dressed up as Stone Age people and learned lots about what life was like a very very long time ago and how man has evolved over time.

We had an amazing assembly with the history guy who taught us lots of interesting facts and we even got to use some Stone Age tools!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the Spring term 2020, a brand new year and a brand new decade!

We have some exciting new topics ahead starting with …

ahead of the Olympic Games this summer.

Don’t forget that this Friday (10th Jan) is our Stone Age Day celebrating this fascinating period of history and you can dress up as a Stone Age person!

Our Christmas concert

This morning year 5&6 got in to the Xmas spirit by singing songs and reciting poems and letters in front of a packed audience of parents and carers!

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and is now feeling suitably festive!

Show time!

On Wednesday we were excited to finally perform our Egyptian play in front of a large audience of family members and the other year 5 classes!

Everyone did so well to remember their lines and to perform on a stage with lots of props and costumes to think about! Well done 5FS and thanks so much Becky from the REP for all her hard work this term x