Huge well done!

Well done to these super star children in 5FS receiving a congratulations certificate this week. Keep up the great work!

Universal Day of the child

Today we have been celebrating the Universal day of the child! The aim of the day is to celebrate and promote the rights of the child. We have all come to school dressed in blue – UNICEF’s colour and have also brought in blue bottle tops to create a whole school art project!

We have also made a pledge to try and help ourselves and others carry out these rights…

Peace Makers

This week we had our first session with Miss McLelland, learning about how we can create a calm and peaceful classroom and school environment. We thought hard about our learning behaviour and how we can be better listeners to each other.

Check out our activities …

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Before half term we were working on newspaper reports in Literacy. An amazing news report has come to our attention about Egyptian mummies being found in Egypt. We would like you to have a go at writing your own newspaper report on Google Docs. Click on the images below to read other reports on this breaking news. Don’t forget to include: a catchy headline, 5Ws (who, what, when, where, why, how) direct and reported speech.  Click here to view the slides from the lesson.

Odd Sock Day!

Today lots of us came to school wearing odd socks as part of Anti Bullying week to raise awareness of how we are all different!

We also had a great discussion this afternoon about what exactly bullying is and how we can tackle it at school as well as online.

Check out our snazzy socks and our superb Anti Bullying posters…

Geography Enrichment Day

On Friday we had a whole day dedicated to Geography and learning about the similarities and differences between the city that we live in – Birmingham , and Mount Olympus in Greece.

We created fact files and posters, located the areas on maps and compared the two different locations.

It was so much fun learning about how different and similar locations around the world can be!

Digital Council

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by the Digital Council members from Bells Farm Primary School. They spoke to us about online safety and gave us some top tips for staying safe online and how to tackle bullying.

We will be talking more about this during Anti Bullying week this week and remember you will have an opportunity to apply for a role on our schools new Digital Council very soon!